Simi dwarf fruit trees

Simi dwarf fruit trees

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Simi dwarf fruit trees

The Simi dwarf fruit trees are a group of fruit trees that are considered suitable for fruit production and harvest in the Mediterranean climate. The terms dwarf and fruit tree have been used interchangeably with a range of corresponding names.

The grouping of the trees are defined by a range of broadleafed-deciduous characteristics as well as the cluster borne pendulous dwarf varieties and trees which are semi-dwarf. The first defined group was created by the association of the European Dwarf Peach type peach with the American Quince. However, there are a large number of varieties, with no defined group. The dwarf varieties are suited to being grown on hillsides, valleys, riverbanks, or on small garden spaces. However, in most of the countries where they are found, they are not commercially important. Where they are, the trade-mark is often protected.


The first dwarf peach tree was found by the owners of the garden of Montaleone in Italy, near Mount Asolo. It was brought to Corsica in 1875. It was sent to the Bijoux de Corte estate at Sorèze and went on to develop into a new cultivar, of the American-Australian dwarf peach varieties. The first dwarf varieties of peach were defined and named.

Dwarf cultivars of quince are not a new introduction to Corsica, they have been grown in quantity and marketed since the beginning of the 20th century. The original dwarf Quince cultivars were considered suitable for gardens and small orchards. In time, however, some became tree forms and today the cultivation of dwarf quince trees is an important agricultural sector on the island of Corsica.

A similar character of dwarf apricot cultivars was found in Poland. Since the end of the 1970s, the cultivation of dwarf apricot has become important in that country, and today a substantial number of apricot and peach cultivars have been bred on the basis of the original dwarf characteristics.


Trees have been found with dwarfing characteristics as early as the 19th century. Tree forms have a distinct advantage on uneven ground. The fruit trees with semi-dwarf characteristics include different peach types as well as plum, apple, and cherry cultivars, and quince varieties, and many other species.

Apple: 'Mama Rossi', 'Biolampe', 'Early nectarine', 'Brarengesser', 'Bajaz


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